Covid-19 Global Memorial Tribute

This tribute will allow those Who were the victim to the virus to ‘Rest In Peace’, while giving a bit of comfort and peace of mind to their surviving family, love ones and friends. My name is Marcus Knight and I am the founder of Hand Up Paid Forward (HUPF). I have tried to help after many of the horrendous events that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime but the coronavirus is far worse than anyone of us could’ve ever imagined since the holocaust. The last count I’ve heard of people testing positive is 717,825 as of 4/17/20 and the number of lives lost is 34,022 and climbing each day. 

We’ve been helping supply masks, gowns and face shields to those on the front lines, while assisting the city/state and federal feeding programs with Unite Us Organization, by connecting Volunteers from the church body and houses of worship but it’s not enough! After speaking, counseling/ministering to so many people who have lost love ones to this plague, there’s another need that’s overlooked but I see it in the face and eyes of everyone who’s lost a love one and I hear it in their silent screams. HUPF is now working with a marketing firm to create a memorial tribute for all of those many number of people who died to the virus without a name or face. So many thousands of people have had their love ones taken away from them when pronounce positive, then separated from them until they receive word of their demise. Even after that point, not being able to look up on their face, say goodbye, grieve, mourn, much less have any kind of closure. 

Let us recognize and acknowledge that we are one race, the human race. At this time, there’s only one enemy that we’ve all united against and that’s the virus. We must come together with ‘United we stand’, we must look in the face of the things that we fear, the things that has attempted to break us and destroy us, then scream back, “United We’re Still Standing”