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The Purpose

The COVID 19 Global Memorial Tribute was created to memorialize those who have lost their lives due to
the COVID virus and to allow their family & friends a place to share positive stories and images of the
people they have lost due to this epidemic.

Due to the high-risk contraction of the virus, there have been family members that have seen their loved ones go into the hospital sick never to see them alive again. Furthermore, some have not been able to even retrieve their loved one’s body for a proper “rest in peace” send-off. To make even grieving matters worst many families that have lost an income due to record unemployment need financial assistance to properly bury their loved ones as some of these lives lost were the main source of income in their households.

The Mission

Although we can not take away the pain those are experiencing we want to provide a place where their loved one can be remembered and honored. These lives that were lost are not just victims of the Covid19 Virus; they are human beings who leave family, friends, and a life shared by others that are now missing their presence. We want to encourage those who have lost lives due to Covid19 to use this virtual Covid19 Memorial Tribute site as a place to honor their lives by sharing:
These memories can be shared in private with family & friends directly and shared publically out to social platforms like Facebook (Instagram, Twitter etc,) Help us make sure these lives are honored and their families get the support needed to recover from their loss. United Were Still Standing
18 Aug 2022, 8:36 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid19 Cases Update

598,438,889 Total
6,464,982 Deaths
572,472,132 Recovered
Country Confirmed Recovered Death
USA95,065,403 90,252,317 1,064,207
India44,298,864 43,670,315 527,206
France34,299,686 33,633,431 153,427
Brazil34,223,207 33,128,198 682,074
Germany31,725,160 30,520,400 146,214
UK23,460,787 23,070,467 187,018
S. Korea21,861,296 19,750,298 25,813
Italy21,581,917 20,589,472 174,447
Russia19,000,055 18,216,241 383,362
Turkey16,671,848 N/A 100,400


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